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Tomorrow begins a new quarter at Miami Ad School. I’ll be taking classes around visual impact, flash programming, user experience and a class we call Heroes & Sidekicks. What it entails is a new advertising brief every week given to us by different speakers in the creative industry.

I was also invited to spend two weeks in woodsy Northern Georgia doing workshops around photography and design. I plan on going, but only if it seems worth my while. Although I do think that gallivanting around the woods, getting inspired by nature and designing could be massive amounts of fun, my school is notoriously disorganized at times.

As I mentioned before, this quarter I am really trying to focus on balance. Last quarter I lost my way. Stopped going to the gym (a very necessary way for me to relax), stopped eating well, stopped sleeping. I never saw my family or friends. I barely saw my husband and I live with him (yea, seriously not ok). I was burnt out before the 10 weeks of class was up and I refuse to have that happen again. I can’t burn out before my creative career in advertising and design even begins. Armed with some great advice from my family, my loverman and one of my teachers, I plan on focusing on what’s important this quarter (annnnd future quarters): me.

Sounds absurdly selfish, I know. I’m in the process of realizing that I’m only human and that although I do believe I have the potential to be great at a lot of things, I dont have to be great at all things all the time. It’s ok to be average in some things if it means maintaining a lifestyle that is healthy and whole.

In terms of classes, this quarter I will focus on the two classes that directly relate to art direction and design: Visual Impact and Heroes & Sidekicks. I’ll take what I can learn from Flash and user experiences class, but I won’t go crazy over the assignments for those classes. I think this will allow me to make time for my mental and physical health.

How does all this impact my blog? Well, when this year began I was really trying to write in this blog daily. I think now I’ll aim for two or three posts per week. And I’m sure you’ve all already noticed that Bits of My Weekend has been lacking. Truth is, so many of my weekends involved staring at my computer screen for all-too-much time. Those will stop for now. I hope to restart them in the future. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I may just start a series called Bits, where every so often I’ll post photos of what’s happening around me.

Anyway, just some thoughts. Hope you all had a great Fourth. I know I did.