Alex and I were driving away from our lunch run when I saw him.

His blond dreads hung low around his waist. The skin on his face was reacting frantically to the sun. Bright red. Leathery from years of repeat sun use. Walked slowly and purposefully along the South Beach sidewalk.

I focused on the lunch in my hand and thought about how much work we had left for our assignment. The man was no longer in my thoughts.

We stopped at a red light. I casually turned my head to look out the window. There he was.

The envelope in his hands was crisp, new.

He stared at it.

He turned over.

He considered not dropping it in the mailbox.

Turned it over once again.

He grimly let out a sigh and dropped the envelope into the mail box and began walking away.

The light turned green and Alex and I headed back to her apartment.

I wonder what the contents of that envelope said.