I know.

I’m hoping to have some time on Sunday to play catchup with you all. You know, tell you about the trip to Georgia and my experiences at the Farm.

Didn’t win any sort of awards this quarter from my school, but although I submitted some work, I didn’t feel very strongly as though it would get any recognition.

Here’s the video that did win (and honestly, I think it’s hilarious and smart so more power to the guys who put this together). I present to you the 7Up Shademaker! http://vimeo.com/11551152

On a totally unrelated note, my friend Sharmini posted this great article the other day and I feel as though I really must share. It’s about looking at your life from your 8-year-old’s perspective. Click here to read.

Tonight I go to a school party and tomorrow I have class all day. I know, class from 10-4 on Saturdays. Ungodly.

Just. Plain. Wrong.