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It’s been a whirlwind of a 2010 so far. I cannot believe that October is just around the corner!

I’ve officially made it through one of the roughest quarters Miami Ad School has to offer. The process is intense, but I’ve been making leaps and bounds in terms of my path as a designer and overall creative. If practice makes perfect then I’m well on my way.

In general, this year has been a challenge in time management. Definitely got a long way to go with that one. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, but lately I’ve been pretty good at holding my own all in the name of time management.

Time management as a creative is pretty tricky. Add teamwork to the equation and it’s near impossible. Since as a creative you are constantly tasked to make something new you can never really tack it down to a timeframe. Creating something means using your imagination, wit and common sense.

Also, adding the need to see friends, family and your husband as well as gym time and there’s barely time to sleep! I dare say that 2010 has been my all time highest record of caffeine intake by coffee/tea in my entire life.

To quickly  wrap things up, here are a few cool things I’ve been working on (forgive the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone):

First, a great idea by Julie Eickhof… the closet bookcase:

Followed by a stop motion project I’m working on… the making of Potato World.

This week I will be spending time on my portfolio site (to appear by mid-October!) and some freelance work I’ve gotten.

What have your challenges been for this year so far?