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I love Fafi and the way she explains this photo is just awesome.

Fafi writes:

“This picture is amazing. The guy who took it was dead a second later.

The inferno quadron : here we have four different versions of what present time is.

The shooter : he’s the cause for everything in here, does he even realize the guy he’s gonna shoot is taking a picture of him ? He also was the only one to know this moment was going to happen.

The 3 people, I am wondering if they are part of the diversion to help the killer do his job, if not, well, this moment must be the craziest and the most awkward of their life.

The witness : he’s the link between all those people, he’s the one who understands whats happening there in a second, his face is amazing, it tells all. Action is too quick and too many things at the same time.

I guess if his mum was in a kitchen, if she had dropped a bunch of plates on the floor and if he also had watched her at this right moment , he would have done the exact same face, that expression saying : too bad, too late is incredible…”

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