The BORSCHT7 Film Festival showcases films that show Miami, the real Miami.

I have to say, while I lived in New York City I always thought that I was living in a city that really understood culture. And it does. Creativity has been respected in NYC for a long time. It makes it easy to access and even more importantly, easy to get out to the masses. So many talented and creative Miami people would move to NYC because that’s what you did. That’s where you went if you wanted to make it. When I decided to move back to Miami, I was nervous I’d lose that. That my only outlet for creativity would be within my studies at Miami Ad School. That really hasn’t been the case.

Something’s brewing in Miami. The people here are splitting their time between the two cities, unable anymore to completely loosen their hold with their hometown. It’s complex to be from Miami. To be from a city that is seen as a superficial, transitory vacation-town. To come back and discover day by day that it’s so much more.

Looking forward to checking out how my hometown sees itself. I promise it’s not all palm trees and beaches.

Here’s to discovering.