For the last 20-30 weeks or so I’ve completed two internships through Miami Ad School as an junior art director. The first one was eye opening. I was lucky to be surrounded by super talented people. I learned a lot. I got faster at designing. Got to be involved in a new business pitch that was a success. The second internship was a test in endurance. I felt like I was on a 10 week sprint. So much work. So much to do. The people were great, but I had no life. I had no sleep. I had too much stress. I did get to work on some pretty awesome projects though, so I’m definitely thankful for that.

Now I’m on a long break. It’s taken me longer to recover than I originally though. I have six weeks before my last quarter in school. I’m already three weeks in and I haven’t done any of the creative things I wanted so far. Instead, I’ve rested. I’ve been cooking a lot, and doing a lot of yoga.

I decided to do a 30-day challenge that a local yoga studio – Green Monkey – is calling a mat crawl. I’ve just completed a yoga class every single day for the last seven days. It’s already been a journey. I can feel my strength increasing every day. Soreness seeps through my body like a welcome friend. I know I’ll be able to complete this portion of the challenge.

The other portion of the yoga challenge is to fundraise for the 305 Spiritual Gangsters – a local non profit organization that teaches yoga to inner city Miami kids. An added incentive for me, if I am one of the top 6 fundraisers, then I “win” a free year of yoga classes at Green Monkey. With that said, here’s a shameless plug: If you are able to donate any amount (50 cents, a dollar, more…) then please do so on my page http://yogaaid.com/nadiapayan

If you did feel inspired to donate, then thanks so much and please let me know you did so that I can send you a little gift! If not, then that’s ok too.

xo, my dears! – Nadia