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As my adventures at Miami Ad School start wrapping up, a lot of my newfound friends are moving to New York City in search of the perfect creative position to propel their careers.

Me? I’ve already lived in NYC. In Paris. In Sydney. In Miami.

None are perfect. None are horrific. They’re all special, but Miami especially seems to get a bad rap.

Miami “ex-pats” are the first to criticize Miami.  I used to be one of them. In high school I was so desperate to get away from the superficiality and grotesque suburbia that was Miami in my eyes. I would argue that the opportunities here professionally are next to none. I went to college and attempted to spend every moment away from Miami, which eventually led me to New York, as most journeys in advertising do.

During my last visit to NYC, concerned friends implored:

“Your talent is going to waste away in Miami.”

“There aren’t any good ad agencies there.”

“You deserve to be here, in NYC.”

But as I’ve mentioned before, something’s brewing in Miami. Fine, the creative class isn’t as established here as it is in NYC. Why do I have to take the easy way out and move back to grey, agency-laden NY? Why can’t I take my alleged talent to the beaches and clouds of Miami and blast them through our clear blue skies? Why can’t great creative work be coming out of Miami hispanic agencies? Why can’t we raise the bar when it comes to what we want out of Miami instead of throwing our hands up in despair and packing our suitcases?

No city is perfect, but Miami is allowing me to be a pioneer. An adventurer in creative life. And I’ll gladly accept.*

Come graduation from Miami Ad School, I will begin looking for gainful employment as a creative in Miami. And if I’m wrong? If Miami proves to really not want more creative people? If Miami puts up a fight? Well… New York will always be there.

*I am not immune from Miami thinking – it took me quite some time to be ok with staying in my hometown.