Life List.

1 Travel to every continent that houses people
2 Go skydiving
3 Learn scuba diving and then use this knowledge to explore the Great Barrier Reef
4 Be able to cook a perfect soft boiled egg
5 Live on a houseboat
6 Speak Arabic, French, English and Spanish fluently
7 Speak basic Portuguese
8 Go on a cross country roadtrip
9 Fly a plane
10 Celebrate holi color fight in a Hindu country
11 Sew my own outfit
12 Make beer
13 Live in more than one city at once
14 Drive a 70s/80s black Mercedes convertible with a beige leather interior
15 Learn to drive stick shift
16 Become a bellydancer
17 Meet the Obama family
18 Drive a Karman Ghia
19 Consistently visit friends abroad while they are abroad
20 Run my own business in some form of artistic field, be my own boss
21 Learn to draw using pen and ink technique along with some watercolors
22 Have radiant skin, even when it’s covered in wrinkles
23 Learn to sing. I mean proper singing, not in-the-shower singing
24 Start my own publication/fashion line
25 Reupholster a chair or couch
26 Eat a morning bun at Tartine Bakery in San Francisco
27 Visit at least one street vendor from Vendr TV every time I visit a place Dan has visited
28 Own and love a Great Dane
29 Learn how to longboard skateboard
30 Create an awesome opening title sequence for a blockbuster movie
31 Learn to surf and then surf often and well
32 Visit Hawaii and surf there while staying far far away from the tourist cities
33 Create a video that “goes viral”
34 Purchase (and use!) an-around-the-world plane ticket
35 Become a cheesemonger
36 Be a regular yoga/pilates practitioner
37 Travel to Las Vegas and watch every Cirque du Soleil show there while staying at the Bellagio at least part of the stay
38 Hike the Sentiero Azzurro at le Cinque Terre (Manarola to be precise) in the Italian Rivera while staying in a rented beach house
39 Have a chicken coop and eat my chickens’ eggs
40 Make my own metal&stone jewelry
41 Sport bangs
42 Learn calligraphy – possibly copperplate – and then adapt it to my own style
43 Meet Tina Fey
44 Paint a mural
45 Make my own chocolates
46 Become a bicycle mechanic
47 Concoct an awesome cappuccino
48 Fall madly in love
49 Learn to play a song on the accordion
50 Go snowboarding in Colorado
51 Fully grasp the metric system for every unit of measurement
52 Visit Japan
53 Letterpress something
54 Learn to make bread from scratch
55 Learn to make kickass pies
56 Travel to Thailand while friends still live there
57 Attend Alt Design Summit
58 Fly above and visit the Iguazu falls
59 Stay in a cave hotel
60 Speak basic Mandarin


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